Educational & Motivational Books

Medical Resources

“Counselling Booklet” a medical health record book to maintain patient’s health records for consecutive visits. Maintain tobacco cessation and counselling notes for evidence based sessions and to take informed decision in subsequent visits by tobacco user. The resource has the capacity to record for at most eight encounters.

Self Help Resources

“Once only Once a Month”- oral screening guide that empowers people with the knowledge for self-examination of their oral cavity. Medical experts advise for oral examination every month and to report in case of abnormality for further investigations. This test is a must for tobacco users for detection of oral cancer at a very nascent stage. Other resources are also available for women for self-examination to detect breast cancer. “3 Minutes 3 Fingers Once in 30 Days” is all that is required to be self-aware.

Awareness Resource

“Be Smart Do Not Start” a comic book specially designed for youths, to aware them on health hazards of tobacco. A young character named Shrijay shares his learnings & knowledge to curb the growing prevalence of tobacco in the society. The resource is available in four different languages. A campaign “Win Over Tobacco - SAVE the Youth” is being run to reach out to people.

Training Resources

Counsellors & doctors become versed in the technique of tobacco cessation, through the practical course books “Handbook for Tobacco Counselling & Oral Screening” & “Tobacco Cessation - A Comprehensive Guide”. The course includes case study discussions, role plays, interaction with experts, and use of technology for ease of performing counselling sessions.

Motivational Resources

“Win Over Tobacco Made Easy” a practical guide book for tobacco addicts detailing the path to follow during their quit journey. A step by step process customized for tobacco addicts in India. The resource lists down what needs to be followed for withdrawal symptoms, to refrain from going into relapse state, self-assessment of addiction stage, the quit plan to follow and others. Resource is available in multiple languages, English & Hindi.

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