The only other thing that can change the prognosis of a cancer patient beyond medical treatment is positive attitude of patient
- Dr. Pawan Gupta

" Life Beyond Cancer ! "

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation (ICanCaRe), a social enterprise, endeavours to cater to the needs of cancer survivors. The paramount objective is to deliver promising rehabilitation services to those living with and beyond cancer so that they get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active life as possible, for as long as possible. We are a group of people who believe in winning over cancer rather than just overcoming or surviving it. 

To be the leading builders of an ecosystem for quality care and wellness facility that transcends innovation & technology for transforming healthcare, prevention, cure and rehabilitation for cancer, tobacco and its related diseases

"SAVE the Youth"

We hold strong values critical to our success. They define us and set us apart from our competitors.

  • Commitment: we are committed to providing excellent services without any failure and ensure that the entire screening, diagnosis and cessation is performed end to end without any loop holes or miss out
  • Passion: We are passionate about getting the best devices for screening and providing the customers with the most comfortable, quick and hassle free service
  • Pioneers: We believe in revolutionizing the traditional screening and cessation services and bring in new ways to reduce wait time as well as ensure that the finest details are captured and cured
  • Ownership: We believe in taking full responsibility of the delivery of the services from the beginning of the screening and cessation process to the delivery of the reports, consultation with the right doctors and availability of medicines to our patients
  • On time: We will be committed to providing zero delay screening and cessation services to our patients and ensure their wait time is never beyond 5 minutes
  • Simplicity: We strive to make all kinds of medical process simple for cancer detection, diagnosis, cure and prevention
  • Strong Team: We will have on board experienced doctors, accomplished consultants, professional staff and a competent team for complete management and administration
  • Open: We are open to feedback from the customers to keep improving our services as we grow in the future and become their first choice

  • PHYSICAL REHABILITATION -  Tips to get back into shape. Physical rehabilitation a very important but often neglected. The patient is unaware and the treating oncologist unconcerned about this aspect. So this is best done by an occupational therapist. Patient undergoes various bodily challenges surgery (one or more organs might have been removed), radiotherapy (causing fibrosis, stiffness, dryness, etc.), Chemotherapy (hair loss, mucositis, etc.). The patient needs physical rehabilitation on all these account.
  • FINANCIAL REHABILITATION -  One of the major areas of concern for stress is the financial loss that a family goes through during and also beyond the treatment. The financial loss can be because of - high cost of treatment, loss of job, constant travel, unfit for the job, regular absenteeism. Whatever be the cause, these patients require a regular financial help. Some may require a regular income source; some may like addition to their income.
  • SOCIAL REHABILITATION - We encourage and counsel family members, care givers, and volunteers to support care and guide the patients in their post surgical phase of life. 
At ICanCaRe we strive to provide affordable heathcare products at honest prices. We make healthcare services available at doorstep with our timely delivery system.

As tobacco being a killer disease, we work with a mission to eradicate tobacco use and help individuals refrain from getting into the habit of consuming tobacco in any form. To achieve our mission, Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening Program has been pioneered as a network of online Telemedicine solution to help both the doctors and the patients from this epidemic.

The program has 8 segments –


Sensitization Campaigns for professionals in varied facets of industries


Cessation Workshop and Camps for various institutions & organizations


3-Day certification course for becoming a Tobacco Cessation Specialist


Cloud Based E-Cessation Application for assisting in evidence based cessation


Self-help Resources for medical practitioner, healthcare provider, children & tobacco users


Innovative products for tobacco treatment, motivation and use


A 24x7 online store for ensuring availability of all nutrition, rehab & healthcare products

Wellness Center

Tobacco Wellness, Oral and Health Screening Center for prevention of cancer

Providing a holistic solution for wellness, care and rehab from tobacco, having means for capacity planning, integrating technology to deliver services smartly, providing necessary resources and building the right infrastructure.

SENSITIZATION CAMPAIGNS: 4 such have been designed to spread awareness about the ill effects of tobacco to different professionals and children and people of varied age groups.

  • SAVE the Youth – Win Over Tobacco - The most impactful and influential campaign which is all about Sensitization, Awareness, Volunteering and Enforcement of tobacco. This is a sensitization program for corporates, hospitals, doctors, children and adolescents.
  • Shrijay, an extremely dynamic empowered mascot has been created to spread awareness about tobacco in the society in simple interactive way. His smiling face gives loads of confidence and motivation to forge ahead and win over tobacco.
  • Freedom from Slavery – a workshop for parents and teachers to learn how to identify first signs of tobacco in their children, how to help them quit with constant support and guidance and how to seek professional support for wellness from severe addiction.
  • Tobacco Free Workplace – an extensive program for corporates to learn how to make their workplace tobacco free
  • Orientation Program for doctors to spread awareness on performing cessation and to atleast follow 5A principal for every patient.

467 programs have been successfully conducted so far for various organizations including NTPC, Polyplex, TCS, AHRCC, Government officials and more in states of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi NCR and Haryana. More than 210 school programs have been organized whereby more than 20,000 students have been made aware about the menace of tobacco and pledged to refrain from tobacco use in their lifetime. More than 367 doctors have been trained on basics of cessation. More than 1.6 lakhs people have been made aware about ill effects of tobacco so far.

WOT - Cessation Camps are designed to perform evidence based cessation in the premises of the corporates, medical institutes and other social organization. Cessation workshop is specially conducted for doctors to learn the evidence based cessation effectively. So far more than 15 screening camps have been organized where more than 10,000 people have been screened and 1,000 people successfully counselled to quit their habit of tobacco.

The 3-day Training Course, first such course to be introduced in India, explains the behavioural and pharmacological aspects of tobacco cessation explicitly and involves numerous case studies and role plays for the participants to learn better. It is in process of getting accredited from the University of Gujarat and will soon be launched in various medical organizations and institutes to enhance the capability of performing cessation.

Full-fledged cessation mobile application is available for performing the counselling activities in a step wise manner and is available on Google Play Store for all the healthcare providers. It has simplified cessation and has brought it on finger tips. It helps in quick reporting and analysis of patient’s records.

Over a lakh copies of our Self-help resources “Win Over Tobacco Made Easy” and “Be Smart Do Not Start” has been distributed for adults and children respectively so far. It is available in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Odiya, Gujarati & Marathi. Self-awareness and examination guides have been distributed to more than 2.7 lakh people so far. Counselling booklet has been made available for healthcare providers to maintain record up to 8 visits.

All these solutions are being integrated and delivered with the existent healthcare system without causing the need to establish a separate channel for treatment of tobacco dependence.

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