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My Dad's Last Cigarette

Dr. Meena Jain

My name is Dr Meena Jain. I am a dental surgeon. My father, Sh. DP Bansal was a chain smoker from past 40 year. He use to smoke 6-8 packets/day. He was so habitual of smoking that he will smoke the moment he will get in the morning or night. We as a family do not want him to smoke. As a dentist, it was painful to see him smoking. I use to write letters to him when I was studying dentistry explaining him that it can cause cancer. My dad was also willing to quit tobacco. I had seen him trying to leave tobacco endless number of times. Slowly he and all in family including me had almost accepted that he cannot quit smoking.

In professional workshop on oral cancer, I came in contact with Dr. Pawan Bansal in Asian hospital. After talking to him, we come to know that he is working for tobacco cessation from long. I discussed with him about my father habit of smoking. He told that I want to meet your father and want to analyze the habit. After meeting, he told that the habit can be left. We were so delighted but still in a dilemma- is it TRUE....

After the course of 3 month medication and regular visit to Dr. Pawan, my father is free from smoking now. I could not believe the day my dad told me that this is my last cigarette at 10am in the morning on 3rd October 2012. I felt that I was able to fulfill my responsibility as a daughter and a dentist. I cannot express in words, How to thank Dr Pawan for such a great work for me. I can strongly recommend now that habit of smoking, how long it may be, can be quitted at any moment and the person recommended for this noble work is Dr. Pawan.

Before concluding, I must tell you the damage smoking has made to my father. His heart has blockage in two main arteries which are taking purified blood out of the heart supplying brain and left arm. And the plaque with is blocking the arteries is so thick that even angiography has failed and it could not be bypassed. He has to live with this condition because of smoking. His lower lip has a permanent staining in the center where he use to hold the cigarette. This is also incurable. Skin tanning and hair loss are also the side effects.

I strongly recommend Dr Pawan Bansal for tobacco cessation and request every smoker to visit him as soon as possible. We had seen the miracle happen and wish the same for you and your family.

Published on: 2019-01-21 05:07:15

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