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My Fight Against Tobacco

Mr. Achintya Mukherjee

Before I come to the point and explain the subject, let me introduce myself first. I am an Instrumentation Engineer, also holding 1976 batch post graduate degree (M.Tech) in engineering. I am in the field of process control automation for heavy industries since last 36 years. Presently working with a well known Japanese firm and located at Bangalore. My only child, a daughter is at NOIDA for last five years since her marriage.

My introduction to smokers’ world happened during 1971-72, during my college hostel days, almost 40 years back. My Father being a tea-to taller, and so had been my Father-in law, I had faced considerable resistance to carry on with this habit, however it somehow remained with me. Every time I had set a bench mark to quit it, the bench mark itself got shifted !!

For example, when I vowed to quit it for the first time, my target was to complete my studies and get a good job. In the process, I completed my B.Tech, M.Tech and also got one of the best jobs in the country at that point of time. However the bench mark itself rolled farther and farther and I kept setting one target date after another. Every time when I analysed why such a funny thing happening with me that I am myself shifting my own dates, I was not getting a convincing answer of why I should quit. This is despite the fact that I had gone thru’ all the adverse publicities on smoking and also the consequent expenses were really pocket pinching. On the contrary, I feel, I started relishing my smoking in my sub conscious mind.

The answer came to me as a rude shock, which I earnestly pray, that even my worst enemies shouldn’t have. My only daughter, a mother of a 2 year old, suddenly got diagnosed with a thyroid tumor, which was suspected to be ……… malignant. As I left aside my job at Bangalore and came to Delhi, I had to swiftly move from one cancer center to another and interact with the oncologists. During such interactions, I experienced that majority of patients to such doctors are smokers of either cigarette or biri or chew some form of tobacco. The condition of such patients, when they are brought to the cancer center, are to be seen to believe and more pathetic are the crying faces of their family people, who almost invariably pledge everything they possess, just for the life of their beloved sufferer. The oncologists doctors, are mostly left with no word but to state the inevitable. I started debating within myself, if this scenario is the kick which I had been waiting for. As a God sent individual, suddenly I found myself interacting with Dr. Pawan Gupta, who not only gave me his own authored book to practice. I grabbed the opportunity and quit my 40 year old habit in one stroke. Since then, I am a non smoker, I have felt no difficulty and the only biological change being that I am feeling hungry more frequently.

Guys, if I can quit my habit of 40 years in as many seconds, I believe you all can do it and equally join me in DrPawan Gupta's campaign.

Published on: 2019-01-20 14:14:26

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