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This program is aimed at helping medical practitioners, doctors, health professionals and other experts in the healthcare system to learn the tobacco cessation process in order to counsel the patients better.

As tobacco consumption is rising on an alarming rate and the willingness to quit is also increasing with each passing day, it is necessary to be ready with tools and techniques to help people in quitting their tobacco habits. Insufficient and improper counselling cessation practices result in inadequate quit rate and higher relapse rate. This course will guide the professionals to upgrade their counselling practices so as to ensure that the patients positively benefit from it.

This program provides a detailed, focused and enhanced curriculum so as to equip experts with effective means and modes of cessation. Individuals will be exposed a numerous case discussion so as to help them master the effectiveness of counselling by understanding both the behavioural and cognitive aspects.

A 6-hours certification program from Gujarat University consists of interactive session with expert doctors who will introduce brief intervention and cessation methodologies to the participants.

It includes discussions to exemplify how to begin intervention with patients. Hand-outs and other resources will be shared with the participants for their understanding.

At the end of the course there will be an assessment to test the overall understanding of the course. Participating members will leave with relevant knowledge on cessation practices and get sensitized to perform counselling to treat tobacco dependence.

This course will introduce the cessation techniques to the doctors in brief so that they perform brief intervention with tobacco consuming patients and motivate them for quitting.

A 3-day certificate program from Gujarat University consists of interactive sessions with expert doctors who will teach the course and introduce a number of case studies for better understanding of the subject matter.

It also includes role plays and discussions to exemplify how to handle challenging situations with patients. Hand-outs and other resources will be shared with the participants. Each session will comprise of a small quiz after completion, to test the understanding of the individuals.

At the end of the course there will be an assessment to test the overall understanding of the course. Participating members will leave with exquisite knowledge on cessation practices and confidence to perform counselling to treat tobacco dependence.


18.5 Hours


4 Weeks


Under 20 Participants


3-5 Hours per Week






Dr Pawan Gupta

Dr. Pawan Gupta

M. Ch. Surgical Oncology
Max Superspeciality Hospital


  • Acquire explicit knowledge on treating tobacco dependence
  • Have confidence to provide individual and group counselling
  • Perform awareness activities cross corporates, hospitals, educational institutions, health camps, public gatherings, etc.
  • Meet the experts in the industry who successfully have helped quit tobacco
  • Build their portfolio of success stories
  • Add to the tobacco free healthy lifestyle of the community
  • Be recognised by people for tobacco dependence treatment
Key Takeaways

Eligibility Criteria

MBBS / BDS / BHMS / MS / MD / MCh / DM / DNB / MPH or above for healthcare professionals

Who Should Participate

  • Counselors
  • Doctors
  • Dental Doctors
  • General Practitioner
  • Medical Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists

What this Course Offers

  • Understanding Tobacco- History, Trends, Impact, Dependence
  • Understanding Cessation - Methods & Opportunities
  • Training on Councelling Methods
  • Practical Approach on Handling a Tobacco Patient for Cessation
  • Relapse Prevention - Tips & Strategies
  • Learning to Detect Early Oral Lesions
  • Treatment Planning - Therapy & Follow-ups
  • Understanding of Government Enforcement (COTPA) Rules and Regulations
  • Hands on Training on Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening - Mobile Application
  • Procedure to Establish Networked Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening Centers
Course offers

Who is a TCS - Tobacco Cessation Specialist ?

  • A TCS is an expert trained on performing cessation activities either individually or in groups in order to help patients get rid of their tobacco habits.
  • This expert has profound knowledge of the subject area and is fully equipped with means and methodologies to help end the slavery of tobacco and treat the patients both medically and emotionally.
  • These experts may work in different environments like hospitals, clubs, health camps, community health centres, educational or corporate institutions, treatment centres, etc.
  • Their responsibility also includes educating and creating awareness in the community about harms of tobacco and how to make a retreat from its habit.

Why a Tobacco Cessation Specialist is required ?

A CTCS is specially trained to provide cessation to patients wanting to quit their tobacco habits and are:

  • Well equipped with the knowledge behind one’s addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and how to treat them effectively
  • Capable of understanding the individual’s problem of not letting go off the habit
  • Experts in planning out actions for quitting tobacco habits using medication and counselling effectively
  • Exposed to variety of health issues related to tobacco use and how to treat it
  • Important knowledge pools for hospitals, healthcare providers, wellness centres, etc. on tobacco use, addiction, treatment and prevention

Orientation Course

6 hours certified classroom training course on tobacco counselling


Specialist Course

3 days certified specialist classroom training on tobacco cessation

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