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I wish for a Clean, Green, Healthy & Lively India. I pledge not to take tobacco in any form in my life.

How a Volunteer can help ?

Self Preparation

  • Prepare 'No Smoking' & 'No Spitting' signs to be displayed in school or in community
  • Develop skills to protest against passive smoking exposure politely and without fear
  • Prepare an advocacy letter to the local government
  • Prepare posters depicting the harms passive smoking causes and the social norm of caring for others
  • Be informed about existing rules regarding smoking and spitting in public places
  • Actively participate in raising awareness in your community regarding existing rules for smoking and spitting in public, and to help implement these community laws by communnicatin, advocating and persualsively speaking out against smoking and spitting in public places.

Communication Tips

The importance of efffective advocacy/verbal communication skill may be emphasized by:

  • Staying focused on the main points.
  • Keeping it simple
  • Knowing the facts
  • Not expressing anger and frustration, but showing enthusiasm and energy
  • Being polite
  • Making an affirmative case explaining why you are right
  • Answering questions directly and responsively
  • Keeping a respectful tone
  • Using data to support the cause
  • Never forgetting the ultimate purpose

Effective action is necessary otherwise this epidemic will continue to spread. Also, remind students that advocacy is a way to make a differnece in your Community, State and even in your Country. It is also an important way to learn more about where you live, your Government, and issues that are important to you.

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