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Tobacco Wellness Center

Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening Center has been pioneered as a network of online Telemedicine solution to help both the doctors and the patients from tobacco epidemic. A holistic evidence based solution for wellness, care and rehab from tobacco, having means for capacity planning, integrated with technology to deliver services smartly, provide necessary resources and build the right infrastructure for effective delivery of services.

An end-to-end solution for complete well-being of a tobacco addict ranging from health assessment, counselling to medical treatment & rehabilitation. With abundent motivation resources made available and a continuous engagement with tobacco addict, keeps the tobacco user on the tobacco quit journey. The systematic approach has now made, the quit goal, which at first seems to be far distant, readily achievable.


Following are the requirements for upgrading to smart tobacco wellness center. We shall assist you in meeting all your requirements.

Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist Minimum 10ft x 10ft room Message Boards
Counsellor Table Counsellor Chair Patient Chairs - 2 Nos.
Examination Chair

Tablet / Computer Printer Keyboard
Mouse Camera Cessation Software

CO Monitor BP Monitor Glucometer
Pulse Oximeter Weighing Machine Peak Flow Meter
Height Scale Fat Calliper Stop Watch
Inch Tape MUAC Strip Torch
Trismus Measurement Strip Trismus Gauge Nose Clip
Optical Chart Tuning Fork Rubber Pad

CO Monitor Valve Peak Flow Meter Valve Glucometer Strip
Nicotine Detection Strip Measurement Jar Gloves
Sanitizer Counselling Booklet Tongue Depressor
Swabs Cotton Speculum

Treatment Requirements

Following are the requirements for treating tobacco patients. We shall supply you the materials as per requirement.

Lung Exerciser Spirometer Immunity Boosters
Nutrition Trismus Rehab System Vitamin Capsules
Antioxidant Nicotine Gums Nicotine Patches
Nicotine Lozenges Aloe Veera Toothpaste Saliva stimulating tabs
Mouth Wash Co-morbidity drugs Nicotine Receptor Agonist

Self-Examination Guide Tobacco Quit Dairy Awareness booklets
Printed Mugs Motivational Caps Customized T-Shirts
Educational Posters Photo Frames Printed Pens
Printed Trousers Motivational Stickers Winner's Badge
Health Information Guides Message Boards Motivational Water Bottles

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